About us

About us
Global Market BD is an e-commerce site that will be able to provide all kinds of goods and products from all sectors to all consumers located in Bangladesh.

The world market will be at hand for any customer who owns a smartphone/computer and an internet connection. They will be able to buy everything; from a safety pin to an apartment building from our website. We have brought together the brightest minds in Bangladesh and given them the platform to perform at their best. We are using 100% Bangladeshi personnel and resources and maintaining cash flow within our borders.

It is a platform where people can buy all kinds of products from a single website. From a pencil to a book to a dress to a cell phone to cars to land; everything is available on this website.

We do not hire outsourcing points and that guarantees the safety of all our users. There is absolutely no chance of information being leaked thanks to our dedicated team working all the time to ensure that our website is the most secure e-commerce platform.

What sets us apart from other platforms of this type is the diversity of our product range and the security we provide to our users. It is absolutely cutting edge and state of the art and we can guarantee that no other platform has such diversity in its product range.

Our website will be so convenient and easy to use for our customers that they would rather order from our website than go to the store that is a hundred meters from their home.

Our corporate address:
Global Market DB
Lipi Supermarket, Single Bus Stop,
Ashulia, Dhaka-1349
Mobile: 0691169900

About us

Global Market is the Largest eCommerce Marketplace in Bangladesh. This is a Popular Online Shopping site in Bangladesh. Global Market BD is the sister Concern in Bartaman ICT. Our Licence Number is: 014562, Trade License Number: 20202617239014562, Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN): 481375629149

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