RATED GREEN Real Grow Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo

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Real Grow Anti-Hair Loss Treatent Shampoo is an all-in-one treatment shampoo for hair loss and damaged hair. It has high nutrition treatment cream base, high density, and high elasticity fresh cream foam without air bubbles.

It contains 100,000ppm of organic rosemary leaf water, certified by the European Ecocert Cold brew extraction method, that minimizes loss of effective nutrients in the manufacturing process. It has 95% natural ingredients and optimal formulation for hair care. It provides functional hair loss prevention and its patented ingredients are certified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration.


1. All-in-one treatment for damaged hair and hair loss.

2. Helps strengthen thinning hair and rapidly reconstruct hair follicles. 

3. Hair looks fuller and thicker after use.

4. Free of harmful chemicals such as Silicon, Paraben, CMIT/MIT, and Phenoxyethanol.

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